The end is near

The end is near

So after my last post I kind of broke down. I was in a constant fight with what I wanted, what worked well and what was technically possible with my skills (basic HTML).

I choose that for me the important part was that I could make it real, and that it wouldn become a video or a prototype. But that it would actually work.

During my minor I clearly saw how much I was grown, and on that part I felt ready. But for myself I wanted to make something that really worked. With the AD AR project we got that far and that made me really happy, but the technical part was mostly on my team mates shoulders. So for my graduation I really wanted to do it myself. And that’s why I killed a lot of my darlings during the proces.

So what is my final project??
It called conditional creativity.

Conditional creativity is a way of showing that conditions are not always a bad thing for your creativity.

As a art student you not always see the positive side of the conditions the teacher give you, but they do it all to help you create your own personal toolkit. A toolkit that excites out of your own personal vision, your skills and your human perspective.

We recreated this toolkit into a platform to give the users an insight on their own creativity.

First we need to figure out the user’s personal vision, we do that by asking them question based on the 16 personality theory. These personal data go’s true an algorithm that creates an symbolic skills set for the user. Exciting out of three shapes in there own personality color.

On expo’s and open day’s user will receive their data printed on a receipt so they can take there toolkit home.

With these shapes the user need to create a tree, we choose a tree because it is a simple object and will let the users human perspective comes to outing.

All these threes together will form a data visualization, showing the beauty of creativity.  

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