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Book(s) of the week 1

Book(s) of the week 1

So let’s start with a topic “book(s) of the week” where I tell you the book(s) I’ve been reading that week and why. The book can be totally related to my research or not (and in the and they always are 😉 )

First up, the reason for this blog…

I rented this book from the school library having the thought of; it’s a smalls book, fun looking and everybody could need some help showing their work. I’m now on page 66 of the 215 pages. But I’m already loving it, especially because of the research I already have done on examining graduation projects. In most reports they tell how important it is to see the students process. And in the first few chapters of the book Austin tells the same thing. Your and work is not just that, but building that work is evenly important, especially for the artist. I will keep on reading and will tell you more if needed 😉



I’m not gonna lie about the reason why I choose this book; it is also because it was small and it looked like fun. Nevertheless, this book is awesome. It looks pretty and keeps the fun in graduating. So if you’re a design student, take a look at it, you won’t regret it.


Now one that I borrowed but not going to read.

At first I want to say that for a book only consisting of text/words, the design is really nice. Than the reason I’m not going to read it. On the cover of the book it says “dilemmas in art and education” but art is the main topic (I took a quick read through the pages) and mostly autonomous art. And autonomous art is the type of art that is most definitely not my thing. Yes, it should be part of my research but I’m not going to read a whole book about it. I will find another way to figure out how the school system grades the autonomous artists of our school.


Than the book that I love love love <3

I sadly enough only read the introduction, but there it already grabbed my love for the book.
They describe the world of advertising, just the way that I do, and think about their users/viewers/clients just the way that I do. The design of the book is also close to my style, and the first data designer they tell about is my all time favorite Florence Nightingale. So yes, I’m sold/I am hooked. And as soon as I have the money I will buy this book (or if you need to find a present for me 😉 ). So when I’m done reading expect a long blogpost about this book.